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Do you love the Linear product management app, but need the flexibility of Notion?
Say hello to the best Linear Alternative ✨


Linear is great for product management, but?

Linear is by far the simplest and straightforward tool for Product Management. It cuts down all the fluff and does the main job of managing teams, projects, tasks. But?


It's expensive & rigid!

Linear is expensive. You already know it. It costs $10 per user per month. A 5-member team would cost $50/month!
Plus its rigid! So, what's the solution?


Use the "Linear in Notion"
Product Management Template

That's why we are here! The best Linear alternative. Your product management, right inside Notion. It has all the top features of Linear. Issue Tracking, Projects, Teams, Roadmaps, Cycles etc. plus something extra 🙂

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The Product Management Notion Template

A glimpse 👀

Manage your entire product from your existing Notion workspace.
Here's a glimpse of all the top features of the system:


No subscriptions.
Pay once for lifetime access.

$49 $29

Your entire product management within Notion itself ✨

  • One time payment

  • Easy & quick setup

  • Sample pre-filled data

  • Access to lifetime updates

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